WeatherDock 2.5

Never feel under the weather


  • 10 day forecasts
  • Advanced conditions in text and icon
  • Great Dock icon


  • No predicted accumulation
  • Only works with


WeatherDock is an excellent desktop companion to follow the weather.

The application picks up the feeds from, which is widely considered as one of the best sources on the internet. You'll not only get 10 day forecasts and 2 day part info but also precise information such as real and feels like temperature, sky conditions, pressure, wind speed, humidity and UV. One little info it lacks though is predicted accumulation.

What I really like about WeatherDock though is the multiple display options. It can appear as a program window, a dock icon, a desktop icon or even a menu bar. The icons look really snazzy and are ideal to get a quick glance of the weather in your area. The menu bar is more discreet, but if you really want to dig into the details the best is to open up the program window.

If there was one drawback it's that WeatherDock only works with It'd be great to be able to choose the weather feeds, as regional weather sites sometimes give out more precise information. On the whole though, is an excellent source, with detailed weather data.

WeatherDock is an excellent weather notifier for Mac with four different display modes, which shows advanced conditions from

WeatherDock displays weather information based on xml-feeds supplied by®. It displays textual weather information as well as icon-based. Next to the current conditions it contains 10 day forecasts with 2 day-part's weather information.

For the current conditions it displays the current temperature and feels like temperature and the current sky conditions. It displays the current pressure, wind speed, wind direction, the humidity, Dew point, visibility and UV-index.

The forecasts for today and the upcoming nine days, contains per day-part information on the temperature, condition, wind speed and direction, the humidity and the chance of precipitation, as well as sunrise and sunset information for that particular day.



WeatherDock 2.5

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